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  • A Taste of Iconic Madison: Chef Tory Miller

    A Taste of Iconic Madison: Chef Tory Miller

    By Alexa Miller | Photos by Ally Dweck Chef Tory Miller creates award-winning dishes in his Madison restaurants, but still loves making fried chicken and homemade pasta for his family. Miller’s eagerness to cook began when he worked at his grandparents’ diner in Racine, Wisconsin. Pursuing his passion, Miller took the leap and moved to […] Read more

  • Madison’s Yelp Elites Spread the Local Food Love

    By Daniella Byck For the first year and a half of our college careers, my friends and I frequented Los Gemelos whenever our recurring craving for tacos kicked in. In the spring of our sophomore year, a single question changed the course of Taco Tuesday forever: what if we tried a new restaurant? We typed […] Read more

  • Young & Hungry: Jacob Wolf

    Young & Hungry: Jacob Wolf

    On a mission to find some of Madison’s young chefs eager to make their mark on the city, the Young & Hungry series spotlights three chefs ready for the challenge. By Elizabeth Geboy | Photos by Elizabeth Geboy On a mission to find some of Madison’s young chefs who were eager to make their mark […] Read more

  • A Jarring Affair

    A Jarring Affair

    By Olivia Jones | Photos by Daniella Byck In my home, cans are coveted. Thick lipped, glass bodied and tin topped jars line our pantry’s shelves. We collect them year round, peeling off jelly labels, scraping away peanut butter and rinsing out old residues. Without the jars, the success of our day is futile. Granola […] Read more

  • Simply Delicious French Toast

    Simply Delicious French Toast

    By Annie McGrail | Photos by Claire Burden French toast might seem like a more complicated breakfast to make… but it is very simple! You can even make the egg mixture the night before, to save time in the morning. This tasty breakfast will help you start your day, and who doesn’t love a simple […] Read more

  • Young and Farming with F.H. King

    Young and Farming with F.H. King

    By Daniella Byck | Photos by Daniella Byck The balmy breeze moves through uncurling leaves basking in the powerful afternoon sun. Framed by the curving reeds of emerald green, 20 year old Garden Director Samson Srok is tending to a rectangle of rich, dark soil.  Planted right outside of the growing metropolis and cultivated by the […] Read more