The Scoop on Babcock

By Libby Schnepf | Photos by Devin Kelly A UW campus delicacy evokes humanistic responses such as nostalgia of one’s first lick of Union Utopia or reminiscent of summers spent on the terrace. But the process behind the sweet and creamy facade is far more technical than taste buds may indicate. Founded in 1951, Babcock Ice … Continue reading The Scoop on Babcock

A Jarring Affair

By Olivia Jones | Photos by Daniella Byck In my home, cans are coveted. Thick lipped, glass bodied and tin topped jars line our pantry’s shelves. We collect them year round, peeling off jelly labels, scraping away peanut butter and rinsing out old residues. Without the jars, the success of our day is futile. Granola … Continue reading A Jarring Affair