Puffed Apple Pancake

Puffed apple pancake is a delectable breakfast or dessert that works for any occasion. When I was a kid, my parents would make a puffed apple pancake for breakfast every Saturday. I would wake up to the sound of apples being sliced and run to the kitchen, where I helped my parents whisk the batter … Continue reading Puffed Apple Pancake

Toffee Bar Cookies

With just five household ingredients, these toffee bar cookies will have you reaching for another. The brown sugar and nuts seem like a match made in heaven, that is until you taste them together along with smooth chocolate. Though the ingredients are simple, memories of eating toffee candy, chocolate, and snacking on graham crackers as … Continue reading Toffee Bar Cookies

Pecan Delights

It will be impossible to keep a smile off your face while making these decadent pecan cookies. Not only do these cookies physically resemble mini pecan pies, but they also consist of the same caramel-like, rich, nutty flavor in the filling, and a flaky, buttery crust. No matter what occasion you make these cookies for, … Continue reading Pecan Delights

Ranking all the Cookbooks I Could Find in My Apartment

If your Pinterest account looks anything like mine, it’s overflowing with blogger recipes that I will never actually attempt. Recipes like Almond Joy overnight oats, one-pan honey garlic chicken and egg roll in a bowl saturate my boards because one time I thought, “hmmmm, I would make that.” And then I absolutely did not. While … Continue reading Ranking all the Cookbooks I Could Find in My Apartment

If I Can Make Chris Morocco’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, so Can You

When it comes to sweets, I may be an ice cream enthusiast, a cupcake connoisseur and the ultimate authority on who has the best doughnuts (by the way, it’s Pick ‘n’ Save). One thing I am not is a fancy, or even disciplined, baker.  Precise measuring? Who needs it? Fancy chocolate? Nestle’s semi-sweet chunks will … Continue reading If I Can Make Chris Morocco’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, so Can You

The Red Carpet is Going Green

Glamour. Prestige. Celebrities. Distinction. And… (checks notes)… vegetables? As cinephiles debate which films will walk away with the most distinguished prize in film this Sunday at the 92nd Academy Awards, foodies have noticed a groundbreaking trend in award shows that has nothing to do with statues. Recently, major award associations have adopted vegan and plant-based … Continue reading The Red Carpet is Going Green