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  • A Traditional Holiday Stuffing

    A Traditional Holiday Stuffing

    Passed down from my great-grandma to my mother, this stuffing recipe is a year-round staple in my house. Its basic composition takes you back to simpler times, and it’s the perfect side dish to warm up to on a chilly winter evening. This stuffing is a no-nonsense type of dish; sticking to the essentials—bread, onions, […] Read more

  • Puffed Apple Pancake

    Puffed Apple Pancake

    Puffed apple pancake is a delectable breakfast or dessert that works for any occasion. When I was a kid, my parents would make a puffed apple pancake for breakfast every Saturday. I would wake up to the sound of apples being sliced and run to the kitchen, where I helped my parents whisk the batter […] Read more

  • Toffee Bar Cookies

    With just five household ingredients, these toffee bar cookies will have you reaching for another. The brown sugar and nuts seem like a match made in heaven, that is until you taste them together along with smooth chocolate. Though the ingredients are simple, memories of eating toffee candy, chocolate, and snacking on graham crackers as […] Read more

  • Pecan Delights

    It will be impossible to keep a smile off your face while making these decadent pecan cookies. Not only do these cookies physically resemble mini pecan pies, but they also consist of the same caramel-like, rich, nutty flavor in the filling, and a flaky, buttery crust. No matter what occasion you make these cookies for, […] Read more

  • Fool-Proof Pumpkin Bread

    Fool-Proof Pumpkin Bread

    This lovely fool-proof recipe is the perfect pumpkin bread! This recipe makes three loaves and they freeze wonderfully. I suggest serving your pumpkin bread warm with cream cheese. Read more

  • Virtual Cooking is the New Trend, and Now I Understand Why

    Virtual Cooking is the New Trend, and Now I Understand Why

    I will gladly take any opportunity to cook. Whether it’s casual Wednesday night dinners at my parent’s house or meal-prepping for friends, I will probably be putting on my apron before you’re even done asking me if I want to cook. It’s even better when cooking can be a shared experience: one chops the veggies, […] Read more