Food Turned Into Fashion with Slices of Citrus

If you are a food fanatic then Slices of Citrus can help expand your passion from food you eat to food you wear with jewelry made from real fruit and vegetables. This small independent business based out of Denver, Colorado has food, art, and eco-friendly practices all roll-up into one to promote sustainability and showcase the beauty of nature.

Leah Sachs has been creating and selling jewelry made from real fruit and vegetables for eight years and took on a partner, Eric Shannon, three years ago. Starting out local they now travel all over the U.S. selling their sustainable, vegan, and cruelty free creations at farmer’s markets, festivals, artisan shows, and vegan events. At these events you can find real fruit and vegetable jewelry, mushroom terrariums, citrus picture frames, and more! Unable to attend an event? No worries! They also offer necklaces and earrings on their website and Etsy shop made from an assortment of fruits and veggies, such as oranges, dragon fruit, strawberries, cayenne peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes, to name a few. 

The best part about this company is they have sustainable practices starting with produce they use to create the jewelry all the way to the shipping process.

 Leah and Eric use all organic produce with some coming from local farmers and even their own garden; so make sure to keep a lookout for new products as they change depending on what’s in season! The produce is hand sliced and then hand painted with an eco-friendly tree sap resin. Since their products are created with real produce it does fade naturally over time. However, an upcycling program is offered to take any faded jewelry to upcycle into art or compost and give a discount for a future purchase. Their shipping process is also sustainable as they use carbon-offset shipping to reduce the carbon footprint.

So if you feel like you need something to brighten up your life this winter, support a small independent business and give Slices of Citrus a try! Their wide range of real fruit and veggie and jewelry is sure to do the trick. 


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Image Credit:

Eric Shannon, Leah Sachs

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