Upgrade Your Instant Ramen


1 Tablespoon Miso Paste

1 green onion, sliced into rounds

½ cup sauteed baby bella mushrooms

1 package of your favorite instant ramen

2 pieces of dried seaweed snacks

1 marinated egg sliced in half

  1. Prepare instant noodles according to package directions.  Instead of using the flavor packet, stir miso paste into the noodles and water.
  2. Pour noodles and soup into a bowl and place all other ingredients around the edges of the bowl.
  3. Enjoy immediately!

Marinated eggs


3 cloves garlic, minced

¼ cup soy sauce

1 tablespoon rice vinegar

2 tablespoons mirin

1 ⅓ cup water

1 Tablespoon sugar

1 Tablespoon red pepper flakes (or to taste)

4 eggs

  1. Boil eggs for about 6 minutes for a perfect jammy consistency. Submerge eggs in cold water to make them easier to peel.  Peel the shells off the eggs. Set aside.
  2. Heat all other ingredients in a pot on the stove until boiling.  Let boil until slightly reduced and fragrant.  Take off the heat and pour into a bowl.
  3. Place peeled eggs into the bowl and cover them.  Let marinate in the fridge for a minimum of 24 hours, or three days for best results.
  4. Include eggs in your ramen and enjoy!

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