The Coveted Bruns Family Sauce Recipe

This recipe has been past down from generation to generation, and it only gets better with time. This recipe yields enough for a large family, so you can either have leftovers for a few days, deliver some to your friends (socially distanced, duh), or simply cut the recipe in half.



Olive Oil                                              ½ cup

Italian Sausage                                   1 Lb- fresh

Garlic                                                  1 Bulb – peeled, minced

Yellow Onion-diced                            2 med or 1 Large 

Green Bell-diced                                 1 ea

Mushrooms                                         1 pack-4 or 6 oz- whole

Tomato Paste                                     1 6 oz. can

Whole Peeled Tomatoes or crushed  2 Ea 28 oz can- after, fill each with water and add

Tomato Sauce                                    2 ea 16 oz can-after, fill each with water and add

Garlic Powder                                     3 Tbsp

Onion Powder                                     1 Tbsp

Italian Seasoning                                3 Tbsp

Basil                                                    3 Tbsp

Oregano                                              3 Tbsp

Bay Leaf                                              2 ea- cracked in half

Salt                                                      1 Tbsp

Black Pepper                                      1 Tsp

Sugar                                                  1 Tbsp

Heat oil, brown sausage and remove.

Add onions, pepper, garlic and sauté until softened, stirring often

Add tomato paste and stir until completely blended

Add remaining ingredients

Bring to boil, add sausage back in and lower to simmer for 4-5 hours

Stir every 15 to 20 minutes to prevent veg from sticking, burning etc. Taste and add additional seasonings or salt if needed

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