Six Food-Related YouTube Series for Your Next Binge

When you can’t commit to watching a movie or television show, YouTube is an ideal form of quick entertainment. You’ll probably end up watching an hour and a half’s worth of videos, but, hey, it still feels like you took a short break. As the power to create content becomes more and more accessible, YouTube has proved an incredible force as a user-generated video medium. With 73% of U.S. adults using YouTube, it is the most widely-used social media platform in the country, beating out Facebook (Pew Research Center). Food content has flourished online, and there is no shortage of videos to fill your foodie fix. Here are six of my favorite food-related YouTube series for your next binge. 

Eat the Menu//The Try Guys

For a heartburn-inducing video binge, look no further than the Try Guys Eat the Menu series. Watch Keith Habersberger (the best of the quartet, in my humble opinion) devour every single item on the menu of America’s favorite restaurant chains, where he’ll be sure to tell you the hits and misses. With 24 videos, feel free to feast on this content. 

My favorite video: Eat the Menu: Olive Garden edition is particularly entertaining because you can track Keith’s delusion after eating an insane amount of pasta. Watch him get to the desserts; you won’t regret it. 

Iconic Eats//Delish

Combining theme parks and food sounds like my dream, and the folks at Delish have made it a reality with their series Iconic Eats. Follow Tess Koman as she eats her way through the nation’s most, well, iconic amusement parks. From sushi to funnel cakes, you’ll be surprised to see what these theme parks are serving up. Tess makes a fabulously feisty host, especially when she’s forced on rides.  

My favorite video: Tess’ journey around the world, a.k.a. Epcot’s World Showcase, highlights nearly two dozen worldly dishes worth booking a flight to Florida for.

Gourmet Makes//Bon Appetit

While we could all go on about Bon Appetit for days, there is no denying the absolute success of its YouTube series Gourmet Makes. Pastry chef extraordinaire Claire Saffitz, bursting with star power, transforms classic snack foods into elevated, gourmet versions, often with days of meticulous testing and careful crafting involved. By the end of a video, you’ll be sighing in relief along with Claire, sharing in her pride and craving a snack you haven’t had since middle school.

My favorite video: Claire’s recreation of Ben & Jerry’s is especially good because of the immense care she takes in crafting personalized ice cream flavors for each of her test kitchen friends.

Binging with Babish//Babish Culinary Universe

Have you always wanted to try the Meat Tornado from Parks and Recreation or the chocolate cake from Matilda? If so, you’re in luck! Your favorite television and movie foods come to life thanks to Andrew Rea of the Babish Culinary Universe. Binging with Babish has racked up millions of views in a few short years and sparked an entire brand dedicated to the art of cooking. You’re sure to find some exciting, and delicious, content on this channel.

My favorite video: This edition offers a collection of delicacies from the City of Brotherly Love, including Rum Ham, Riot Juice and Milk Steak (complete with a jelly bean garnish, of course).

Julia Tries Everything//Delish

Former competitive eater and all-around sweetheart Julia Smith tackles the menus of over 30 restaurants in this Delish series. Each episode of Julia Tries Everything is a thrilling journey from energetic beginning to sluggish end that occasionally leaves the host in tears of joy. As much as I adore this series, I’ll admit it’s hard to see someone living your dream. 

My favorite video: The P.F. Chang’s episode is one of the few videos in which I could see myself demolishing every single item that Julia tries, and it always leaves me with an insatiable craving for dumplings. 

Easy Bake Oven Series//Trixie Mattel

Does this qualify as cooking? Debatably no. Is Trixie Mattel fueling my will to live? Definitively  yes. World-famous drag queen Trixie Mattel whips up cookies, cakes and pizzas through the power of lightbulb baking, and while the treats may be mini, the entertainment value is anything but. This series just goes to show that cooking can happen on any scale with any equipment at any skill level For this, Trixie may be the most inspiring (and petite) figure in the culinary world.

My favorite video: Certainly, Trixie’s greatest feat is baking a six-layer rainbow cake in celebration of Pride Month. Her sense of accomplishment is infectious, and the cake doesn’t look half bad, either. 

Let us know what series you’re watching on YouTube in the comments below! We’re always looking for great food content to devour!

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