Restaurant Spotlight: Paul’s Pel’meni

If you know me, you know I am obsessed with Paul’s Pel’meni and have been for awhile.
My love affair with these dangerously addictive dumplings packed with flavor began on my first gameday my freshman year. Although I love a good hole in the wall, when my friend pulled me
aside on gameday to this little spot on Gilman street, I was skeptical. But after my first bite, I
was sold.

Paul’s Pel’meni specializes only in one thing: a type of Russian dumpling called
pel’meni. You can get either a half or full order of potato, beef, or a third mixed option of both.
Make sure to get “The Works” which means your dumplings are topped with a glorious
combination of butter, cilantro, sweet chili sauce, and curry powder served with a side of sour
cream. The sour cream is the perfect complement to the bold and slightly spicy toppings.

I was already in love with this place that first game day and became a frequent visitor at
all times of the day and night (they are open until 3am on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). I
thought it couldn’t get any better until I discovered they offered three sauces on the counter to
dip the pel’meni in. This revelation led to the birth of the “Tri-Dunk Sour Cream Smash,” a term
coined by my friends and I to describe the dipping process. So now my go-to order is a full order of beef with “The Works” which I then proceed to dip in the three sauces (the tri-dunk) and finally the sour cream (the sour cream smash). Somehow it always seems like I am craving these little morsels of heaven.

I could go on and on about how much I love this place, but I’d rather you go try it for
yourself. I recommend getting the mixed combination the first time, so that you get to try both
the potato and beef pel’meni. Enjoy!

Order takeout here:

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