The Red Carpet is Going Green

Glamour. Prestige. Celebrities. Distinction. And… (checks notes)… vegetables?

As cinephiles debate which films will walk away with the most distinguished prize in film this Sunday at the 92nd Academy Awards, foodies have noticed a groundbreaking trend in award shows that has nothing to do with statues. Recently, major award associations have adopted vegan and plant-based menus for Hollywood’s most celebrated talent. 

If you’re both a movie and food lover, like I am, you’ll understand why this change is so exciting. 

The surge in vegan-dominated menus is due in part to the push by Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the entity that conducts the Golden Globes, to increase its sustainability efforts, says The Hollywood Reporter.  

This year’s Golden Globes Award ceremony on January 5 featured an entirely plant-based spread, including chilled golden beet soup and wild-mushroom risotto, according to The Hollywood Reporter. 

In fact, Joaquin Phoenix, the winner of the Best Actor award for his role in Joker, amplified the HFPA’s message in his acceptance speech. Phoenix, a noted animal rights supporter, thanked the Globes for “recognizing and acknowledging the link between animal agriculture and climate change”, according to PETA

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences seems to be following suit with this environmentally-conscious trend.

At this year’s Oscar Nominees Luncheon on January 29, stars dined on a totally plant-based menu, proof of the Academy’s pledge to “expand [its] sustainability plan”, says The Hollywood Reporter. In addition to vegan offerings, the Academy Awards has promised to end the use of plastic at all its awards season events.

As for the Oscars itself, the Academy is continuing its commitment to environmentally-friendly practices. All food served at the Dolby Theatre for the February 9 ceremony will be vegan, says PETA. For the infamous Governors Ball after party, renowned chef Wolfgang Puck has whipped up a 70% plant-based menu, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In an awards season that could easily be dominated by vanity and out-of-touch stars, organizations like the HFPA and the Academy and influential celebrities are using their power to inspire meaningful and necessary change towards a more sustainable world. 

I’ll leave you with a few hot takes:

  1. Greta Gerwig was snubbed.
  2. Adam Driver deserves every award, including those he was not nominated for.
  3. The conversation about sustainability and food must continue from awards season until the end of time (or until climate change destroys the world).

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