The Best of Company

Written by Roan Haines. Illustrated by Sophia Silva.

I miss my people. More specifically, I miss my family, my friends, and even my hometown coffee shop barista I have come to know so well.  It took a complete change of scenery to comprehend the magnitude of this simple statement. Moving to Madison for school has been incredible in so many ways and I have met wonderful people, but I underestimated the transition into all new relationships.  Not seeing a familiar face for weeks was a game-changer in the way that I view my hometown. Now, I understand the extent to which my past allows me to navigate this new chapter. If you can relate, then you know you need to make the most of any time you have with your people from home.  You need Friendsgiving.

Sophia, Friendsgiving Illustration.jpg

Last year was our first Friendsgiving.  We did it potluck-style, dressed up all fall and fancy, and we had a blast.  I brought roasted fall vegetables with lemon tahini sauce (a similar recipe can be found here: it was a crowd favorite.  There is a lot of excitement for this year’s celebration, because now it takes on a whole new meaning.  Since many of us were managing busy summers traveling, working, etc. and many went out of state for college, this will be the first time we will all be in the same place since the beginning of summer.  Our friend Giuliano said it best:

“New beginnings deserve to be celebrated with old friends.”

Friendsgiving will go beyond good times and good food this year- it will be a time to reconnect with the past and show gratitude to the people who helped shape us into who we are now.

After the people, food is the next most important part of a successful Friendsgiving.  We learned this the hard way, when my friend Evan ecstatically served the pumpkin pie that he and his mom made.  We all took a bite and awkwardly looked around the table- it was disgusting. Two people audibly gagged. To this day, we make fun of Evan for forgetting the sugar, but the laughs made up for the inedible dessert.  In an effort to prevent this from happening to you, here is the recipe for “The Ultimate Pumpkin Pie” via Brit + Co. to wow your friends (as long as you don’t forget the sugar):

Ultimately, it can feel challenging to find equanimity through all the changes happening at this stage in our lives.  To simply sit and laugh about old memories and share the new ones you have made is powerfully wholesome, and the food is just a plus. Our friend Ivy says, “We just enjoy each other’s company with no other worries in the world.”  Friends are the family we choose for ourselves, and I love my choices. My people deserve to be celebrated and so do yours: if you haven’t already, pick up the phone and start planning Friendsgiving. The memories will be even sweeter than the pumpkin pie.

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