Young & Hungry: Rapid Fire Questions

On a mission to find some of Madison’s young chefs eager to make their mark on the city, the Young & Hungry series spotlights three chefs ready for the challenge. In a bonus feature, the chefs were asked a series of rapid fire questions. 

By Elizabeth Geboy

Go-to breakfast?

Jamie Hoang, Sujeo: Pho- I love it!

Jacob Wolf, Underground Food Collective: Apple with a cube of cheese. 

Jon Pieters, Harvest: Corn beef and hash, eggs over easy, with runny yolk.

Butter or olive oil?

Hoang: Butter. 

Wolf: Butter. 

Pieters: Depends on the application!

Kitchen music choice?

Hoang: Genre? Hip-hop.

Wolf: Podcast, if I’m by myself! Depends on who’s there.

Pieters: I have a broad taste in music, whatever the mood is in the kitchen. 

Nutella or speculoos?

Hoang: Speculoos. 

Wolf: Neither? What’s speculoos?

Pieters: I’m a Nutella guy. 

If you were a vegetable:

Hoang: Baby bok choy!

Wolf: Wheat, not a vegetable.

Pieters: Fennel. 

Early bird or night owl?

Hoang: Night owl. 

Wolf: Kinda both. (He laughs) Early bird.

Pieters: Night owl. 

Fridge staples:

Hoang: Sparkling water!

Wolf: Potatoes, eggs, butter.

Pieters: Butter, cream, Dijon. Maybe Dijon more than everything…!

Chocolate with mint or raspberry?

Hoang: Raspberry. 

Wolf: Depends, where it’s from or who made it. Probably mint. Fresh mint.

Pieters: Raspberry. 

Food trend you can’t stand?

Hoang: Avocado toast. I’m allergic to avocados, too.

Wolf: Koji.

Pieters: It’s hard to say…. Improper use of words, when someone doesn’t understanding what terms mean. Like someone going on a gluten-free diet but not understanding why they’re not eating gluten…

Cake, creme brulee, or pie?

Hoang: Creme brulee!

Wolf: Pie. Or cake. Pie first.

Pieters: Pie!

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